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Arv & Miljö - Arv & Miljö

Arv & Miljö - Arv & Miljö

Arv & Miljö - Arv & Miljö - LP. Förlag För Fri Musik 004. Limited to 100 copies.

Third, or fourth depending on who you ask, fullength from Arv & Miljö. Another bridge burner, sort of continuing where Kropp (Posh Isolation, 2014) left off but at the same time not at all, this new 9-track album is a collection of sounds gathered in Gothenburg during a long period of time but with a heavy focus on the latter half of 2015. Snippets of boredom, heart attacks, disgusting food, “När vi två blir en”, Dan Treacy meets Birgitta Stenberg and the coming of age, assembled into some sort of nonlinear and rather dizzy audio diary that will speak to few. 50% dumb shit, 20% other people’s music, 29% larger-than-life grandiosma, 1% "Swedish tape noise". How much can you get away with? A lot, apparently. Life is not easy, but it is. 100 copies pressed, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

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