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Knækkede Stemmer ‎– Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)

Knækkede Stemmer ‎– Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)

“Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)” is the first Lp-release from the danish act Knækkede Stemmer. With two longer introspective pieces, “Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)” presents a rather hypnotic and delusional atmosphere, blending tape manipulations and treated acoustic instrumentation with rhythmical elements and minimal synth work.

Knækkede Stemmer is the work of the danish sound artist Mikkel Rørbo, more known under the moniker Alleypisser. Even though Knækkede Stemmer operates in the continuum of Alleypisser, you can feel the name shift is the start of a new beginning.

Released in 200 copies.

20 EUR